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Photos & Videos

Genji Monogatari

Photos from the March 6, 2004 gig at Alti Hall in Kyoto:

Yuhoh (with the fan) and Yasuski (in the pit with instruments and Kyma). The curtains are computer graphics printed on Washi-Paper.

More photos:

Video clip from sound check: Short lo-fi video excerpt: "Aoi-No-Ue" or "the living ghost attacks":

The "saturation" sound is generated by a 12/24 band vocoder. The vocoder generates sound from noise controlled by the input. The vocoder has the parameters: bandwidth, decay, and tone. The performer triggers the "saturation" sound with a specific pitch from his instrument.

This is a sound check from a different performance with the AudioHologram? system. It shows the elaborate foot switching system designed and built by Yasuski (as well as the Capybara signal processor on the table just behind him).

To create a night ambience, Yasuski used the sounds of American bull frogs and a tiny Japanese frog called "Kajika" that makes a very high frequency like a bird, lives in mountain springs with very clean water, and can only be heard late at night in the deep forest. For a preview of the sounds, visit

-- YasushiYoshida - 18 Mar 2004