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Mountain Music
Live performance: 21 Sep 2007 -- 7:30 PM
Presented by: BrianBelet
Public: $5 general; $3 students and seniors. Tickets at the door.
Music Recital Hall and Lobby
Missoula -- USA

Brian Belet was the featured guest composer for the Mountain Computer Music Festival at University of Montana on September 21 2007. Belet presented a lecture "Composing in 2007: Why do we do it? What does it mean?", an interactive installation Lobby Reforms, for unsuspecting audience, concert hall lobby, and Kyma processing (2006), (Disturbed) Radiance, for piano and Kyma processing (2003), and Still Harmless [BASS]ically, for electric bass and Kyma processing (2000), featuring the composer on electric bass. In Lobby Reforms, the pre-concert sounds of people passing through the lobby are transported into the concert hall (as well as back into the lobby) in an informal collage of social activity that differentiates the concert experience from the isolated activity of listening to music through headphones. The transition zone from the outside world to the inner container of the concert hall is an important time and place that physically and metaphorically defines the "before, during, and after" of the concert experience. The audio sources are processed in real-time and then directed back through the sound system to create a sonic environment that leads naturally into the concert itself as the lobby sounds eventually diminish as a result of the audience leaving that space for the concert hall.

Discussion (Eyewitness reports, descriptions, discussion):

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