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Eagan gets Hexagonal
Installation: 07-14 Jun 2008 -- 12:00 PM
Presented by: EdmundEagan
Public: Free
National Arts Centre
Ottawa -- Canada

From 7-14 June 2008, composer Edmund Eagan and dance artist Ken Emig created hexagons of sound for a live installation based on the architecture of the National Arts Center in Ottawa. Starting at noon on Saturday June 7, Eagan and Emig performed outside the theatre using 3-channel sound and 6 cameras capturing a hexagonal 360 panorama projected through 6 projectors onto six walls enclosing a hexagonal fountain as a slightly different mix of the audio was presented inside the building. Live input from three amplified sources placed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle located around the center of the hexagonal dome pictured in the online article at Guerilla Magazine: 17 were processed live through Kyma.

Discussion (Eyewitness reports, descriptions, discussion):

The three main sound sources were pans made of stone, sand, or brass substituted for some of the triangular tiles in the surface of the terrace. The stone and sand pans were mic'd and amplified in the 3 channel sound system. Emig interacted with the stone and sand surfaces while Eagan played the brass surface like a gong. Since the Arts Centre is surrounded by ambient downtown sounds dominated by 3 different carillons, Eagan also played his own three-channel carillon constructed in Kyma, tuned as a compromise between the pitches of the downtown bells and the spectral components of the brass gong. Loops of the Kyma carillon and sand/stone/brass sources were controlled via a Wacom tablet and a Wiimote. The Wacom also controlled a SumOfSines? resynthesis of a voice from a Chinese advertisement promoting tourism in Ottawa.

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