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Album: 07 Oct 1994
By: Frank Tveor Nordensten

Kyma is featured in two pieces on Frank Tveor Nordensten's album yonder, produced by audio attic productions. Despite what the liner notes identify as Nordensten's "ambivalent relationship with electroacoustic music," the completely electronic try to enjoy the daylight and the antonymously-named boring for percussion and tape combine perfectionist production values with surprising, original, highly-spatialized sounds and a dramatic narrative structure.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Nordensten is not afraid of silence, nor is he afraid to let things evolve quickly; the dramatic contrasts and clearly delineated sections in his music betray his classical, concert pianist roots. try to enjoy the daylight, one of the rare Nordensten pieces with "lyrics," is anti-pop music, evading any hint of repetition and unable even to remain patiently fixed on single-pitches of the almost-melody, instead choosing to glide and bend and slide so that there is never a static, unchanging pitch. A phrase that sounds something like "It is the look in her eyes that makes the difference," is always heavily obscured and processed in a way reminiscent of some industrial music, and different subparts of it are looped throughout the composition, leaving the listener always straining and just on the verge of being able to understand what is being said—creating tension that builds to the end of the piece (and is never satisfied).

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