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100 Ansichten vom Berge Fuji
Album: 17 Apr 1995
By: BrunoLiberda

Composer, pianist, and erstwhile movie star Bruno Liberda has a CD out under the Signum label (of MusiContact in Heidelberg), entitled 100 Ansichten vom Berge Fuji 1.buch/11 featuring Christina Ascher, mezzosoprano, and Bruno Liberda, live electronics. In English, the title would be 100 Views of Mount Fuji, and if a mountain had a voice, it would sound like this music: low, creaking, unfolding at geological time scales, reverberating with the ghostly voices of all the humans who ever lived and died in its shadow. Notated graphically on opaque paper with transparent and translucent overlays, the score allows for several possible interpretations including live performances and studio recordings like the one on this CD.

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