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Soft Ballet's FORM
Album: 11 Jun 1995
By: MakiFujii

Maki Fujii used Kyma to provide some unique sounds for Soft Ballet's album, Form. A high-energy mix of synthetic sounds, guitars, drums and pop-style vocals, Form covers a range of styles from Ken Morioka's upbeat dance music to Maki Fujii's dark, stream-of-consciousness musique concrete pieces. Fujii's U swings moodily from a random-walking analog synth bass to distorted fed-back screaming punk, to abrupt silence, to heavily reverberated brooding electronic organ--bipolar love? No One Lives on Mars 庸eaturing a jazz guitar solo and an interesting doubling of the sung parts by a soft female speaking voice擁s a sad and lonely rap on being the only living things in the solar system, and Jail of Freedom has a British industrial sound with distorted or phasing narration alternating with singing and sequenced rhythm tracks. On the CD single Fujii's Eye (as the twin to Morioka's You) is a deeply layered musique concrete piece with live bass, noise, synthesized sounds (granular synthesis?), and heavily processed samples. And the cover art brings back memories of SIGGRAPH93葉he year they figured out how to make waterfalls. Mixed by Dillon Gallagher and Maki Fujii, the album and an accompanying CD single were recorded under the Victor Entertainment (JVC) label, and Soft Ballet did a thirteen-city tour of Japan to promote the album. For more information and a complete list of tour dates and locations, browse the news on Maki Fujii's home page and Soft Ballet's home page.

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