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Film: 04 Aug 1995
By: Frank Serafine

Whether he is granularly disintegrating in a virtual Japanese restaurant, shouting at Denzel Washington in a high speed car chase, or just relaxing in three pieces in a pool of blue nano-blood, the voice of SID 6.7 in the Paramount Pictures film Virtuosity is also the voice of Kyma.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Virtuosity is essentially a computer game presented on screen with live actors. The plot proceeds through a sequence of highly stylized "arenas" where hero Denzel Washington does battle with Russell Crowe as SID 6.7 against backdrops of anonymous spectators whose ritualized responses evolve into the kind of driving music that keeps you at the computer and draws you into the game. Like a video game, the object is to rescue the helpless and then ride off into the sunset.

Venice, California-based Serafine Sound Design, headed by Frank Serafine, used Kyma to give SID's voice that menacing-yet-vulnerable quality in those scenes where his nano-motors start to fail him. Virtuosity is chock-full of sounds that support and intensify the visual special effects, which forced Serafine and his team to work around the clock to meet Paramount's August 4 release date.

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