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Underwater Trainspotting, Stealing Crisps from a Baby, Office Parties
Advertisement: 12 Dec 1997
By: PeteJohnston

Pete Johnston, technical manager at Lloyd Billing's Tape Gallery studio in London, used Kyma's additive synthesis tools to make a more easily understandable robotic voice for a television spot enumerating all the reasons you might prefer to take the Chunnel rather than flying from London to Paris (perhaps the most convincing of which is, "Fact: The train looks really cool").

Johnston, Billing, and audio engineer Simon Cepes also completed a series of UK radio spots for Walker's Crisps, each of which was based on the theme of various characters morphing into British football hero Gary Linekar in order to steal potato chips (crisps) from little kids.

Johnston also used Kyma to morph from the sounds of an office and various other workplaces into clinking glasses and reggae music in a series of ads for _Malibu_—a sweet alcoholic drink that can apparently turn the hum-drum workaday world into one big party.

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