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Movement in Still Life
Album: 06 Jun 2000
By: BillRust

Sound designer Bill Rust's guitar/vox vocoding, miscellaneous vocal freeze-framing & time scaling mutations, bizarre re-synthesis of drum loops, Doppler-ized atmospheric extremism, and a slew of other Kyma-generated soundfiles sliced'n'diced in ProTools can be heard livening up nearly every track of BT's new album Movement in Still Life. It was released in Europe first on Pioneer, and then in the US on June 6, 2000 on Nettwerk Records.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Rust's Kyma madness has also infected Sasha's 2 CD set, Live in Ibiza on Studio K7/GLOBAL UNDERGROUND on the track called Fibonacci Sequence (a collaboration between BT and Sasha). They used Kyma for all sorts of extremely aberrant vox/drum loop/cross-synthesis/processing and as the perfect tool to sonify the text Mathematics is the Language of Nature.

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