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SampleCD: 20 Jun 2002
By: JoelPutman
N/A has announced the availability of its eleventh WAV file CD-ROM, Joel Putman's Detritus. As Joel explains, "Almost all of the samples on Detritus were found sounds. I recorded them from various sources including the subway, train, taxi cabs, many retail stores (one of which chose to ask me to leave) and of course TV, radio, and the web. Many of the sounds were quite simple to start with such as the sound of a cash register, a turnstile, or a door opening. I recorded most of the source on MD, but also made considerable use of very cheap cassette recorders. The cassette recorders really added to some of the 'lo-fi' character. I then wrote programs in Kyma and Csound to process the samples. Some of the processes I used were—sample granulation, AM, FM, waveset techniques, FFT resynthesis, wavetable tricks, waveshaping, and formant synthesis. The results were files that range from skipping, stuttering sounds to dark mechanistic ambiances."

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