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Album: 03 Aug 2002
By: SunaoInami

Sunao Inami has released a new album with Masayuki Akamatsu and Kauya Ishigami called SPL-22001 on the electr-ohm label, featuring the three composers kneeling shrine-like before their laptops on the cover. Living up to its billing as "massive DSP based experimental computer music," the album features about 20 minutes of each composer using Powerbook G4s with MAX/MSP, Kyma, and Reaktor to generate an amazing range of timbres. Inami's work emphasizes delicate, highly resonant filters just on the edge of breaking into oscillation punctuated with silences and crackling, sustained pads with resonant details popping in and out, and shimmering reverberated pads of sustained pitches along with what sounds like a massively granulated train whistle. The sounds are imaginative and varied, sometimes (but not always) with a slow pulsing beat.

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