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Film: 08 Jan 2003
By: TobiasEnhus

Narc, a brutal story of undercover narcotics cops and the relativity of truth choreographed to an avant-garde musical score, opened nation-wide January 8. Cliff Martinez composed the score, assisted by Tobias Enhus who created the musical atmospheres. Tobias used Kyma and CSound to create every sound in the score by processing struck-metal source material: turbines, metal sheets, steel drums, and even the suspended back end of a fork lift. Starting from these nonharmonic sources, Tobias used the spectrum editor and tuned filter banks to create atmospheres that match the key of the Martinez's musical score. He also used the Kyma timeline to do the surround scoring. The film, premiered at Sundance and picked up by Paramount for wider distribution, is striking audiences in a particularly haunting way, with many reviewers giving special mention to the effectiveness of the sounds and the score.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

For an early review ("The film literally rattled me for hours after the screening, the imagery and sound hanging with me for days."), see the link below.

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