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L'outre Mangeur
Film: 16 Jul 2003
By: FredAttal

Theatrical release in France

An obese policeman falls in love with a beautiful young girl but he knows that she killed her uncle. He strikes a bargain with her that he won't turn her in if she agrees to eat dinner with him every night for one year. (He is trying to lose weight because the doctor told him he has 2 years to live unless he thins down). There is a graphic novel of the same name. Attal used Kyma for the sound design during a climactic 3 minute dream sequence at the end of the movie. Sounds were drawn from the film itself—a scream, a cry that is 6 octaves down, metallic sounds from the Foley, layers of quad Kyma sound design mixed in ProTools.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

If I heard these sounds without explanation, I would have thought they had been generated by a symphony orchestra and a singer. Attal's sound design work is always very musical...more a representation of the inner state of a character's mind than simple mickey mousing of what you see on the screen. The feeling is dark, anguished, and extremely depressed. To me, this sound design is music. Or maybe you could call it "sound effects from the soul" (or is that just another way of describing music?)

-- CarlaScaletti - 12 Oct 2003

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