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Zoo Tycoon 2
Game: 30 Apr 2004
By: SimonAmarasingham

dSonic has just completed the creation of the music and sound FX for Zoo Tycoon 2, the sequel to one of Microsoft's biggest selling PC titles. It will be on display at Microsoft's booth at E3 in May ( Sound designers Kemal and Simon Amarasingham used Kyma for reworking and stretching out the raw animal recordings they were given in order to achieve more variety in the animal sounds.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Just prior to that, the brothers Amarasingham used Kyma to create the voices of snake women for an add-on pack to BioWare's Neverwinter Nights called Shadows of Undrentide, published by Atari. According to Kemal, the BioWare guys loved all their Kyma creature voices.

In his "spare" time, Kemal is also teaching a class in sound design as part of the Northeastern University Music Technology program ( directed by Dennis Miller.

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