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Album: 29 May 2004
By: GregHunter

Greg Hunter's remix of "siliconectar" (Greg Hunter and CarlaScaletti) is being released on Dakini Records on May 29, 2004 as part of the LIVE@DAKINI NIGHTS compilation). Constructed as a continuous culture-morph from Celtic harp (Scaletti) to Egyptian harp and back again through an electronic space in between (with a rhythm track that evokes images of belly dancers holding candles), "siliconectar" was in fact accompanied by belly dancers holding candles when Greg performed it live in Japan last year. It opens with a Celtic harp (one with preternaturally long trills and infinite decay times care of Kyma's SampleCloud processing), evolves into hip-swaying tablas, through bubbly synths, into the Egyptian harp, back through resonant filter sweeps to a dream-harp-plus-breathy-flute-clouds (Hunter), and finally echoes backwards into filter sweeps and a supernaturally long reverberated decay. The CD comes with lots of images from the live event and includes contributions from artists Puff Dragon, Makyo, Karsh Kale, Ochi Brothers, Sevda, Ishq, and Rasiya in addition to Greg Hunter. (A "dakini" or "sky-dancer" is a goddess, a ghost, or an angel, depending upon where you grew up).

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