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Edison in Toronto
Film: 17 Sep 2005
By: TobiasEnhus

Tobias Enhus composed the score for David J Burke's Edison, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Justin Timberlake, LL Cool J, Dylan McDermott, and Piper Perabo star in this neo noir film set in an imaginary everytown called Edison, where each character's moral stance falls somewhere between what is "just" and what is merely "legal". For the score, Tobias linked the utopian, highbrow surface of Edison with its gritty crime-ridden underbelly by using the same rhythmic motive for their respective themes, but with starkly contrasting orchestration and processing. He created algorithmic sequences in Kyma, notated them, and had them performed by a symphony orchestra and a classical vocalist to get the raw material for the "highbrow" theme. For the gritty reality theme, he used rhythmic acoustic percussion processed through the CrossFilter and Kyma-sequenced filters. In the end it is difficult to distinguish between what is processed, what is synthesized, and what sounds originated in the physical world.

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