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Junkie XL Today
Album: 18 Apr 2006
By: TomHolkenborg

Tom Holkenborg was interviewed in Remix in connection with his new album, Today. When asked about Kyma, he describes it as: ...basically a complete empty box, and it can be whatever you want it to be—you can program a patch that turns a guitar into a vocal, or you can morph in between four, five or six different sounds, in real time, to make new sounds. I definitely took the processing of my guitars and vocals to a whole new level that I've never been to before.

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In a separate interview for DJFix, Holkenborg goes on to say: Kyma is a sound design program that comes with hardware and kind of works like ProTools. It's a big hardware case that you can expand with DSP and it comes with a program that uses Smalltalk which is almost something like CSound or something like Max/MSP and you can build in that box, whatever you want to build. I use that for sound design purposes, so that's a box that's new. I got that two and a half years ago and most of the sounds that you hear on this album are derived from guitars and vocals. I barely used synthesizers. Most of the sounds that you hear are all tweaked sounds from that program.

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