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The Sound of Butterflies' Wings
Film: 14 Oct 2006
By: JackRosete

Each autumn, Monarch butterflies undertake a lengthy migration from Canada, across the entire United States, to arrive in central Mexico where they spend the winter in the pine forests. Papalotzin, a new film tracking the journey of Francisco Vico Gutiérrez as he follows the Monarch Migration path in his glider (painted in Monarch colors). Jack Morgan Rosete composed the score which combines elements of world music (live vocals and instrumentation) with experimental electronics, including some live segments performed with a Lemur/Virus TI and Kyma synthesis algorithms. Rosete used CapyTalk logical expressions and generative patches for glitchy beats (mimicking the 'imagined' sound of a butterfly flapping its wings). He also designed a Kyma patch for morphing from one chord to the next; assuming that each note is a separate voice on his Virus TI, the algorithm controls the pitch change of each voice to arrive at the new chord position with some swarm code from the library adding a butterfly-like variation. The results give a sense of dreamy floating. Rosete writes, "The score was a great success, everyone loved it, and I have plenty to thank Kyma for!" Papalotzin premieres at the Morelia Film Festival in October.

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