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Anyone got suggestions on a firewire digital audio interface for transferring audio from my Capybara to my Mac? I have a Firepod, but it doesn't work with Kyma :-( So I'm looking for a modest priced unit that will be happy connecting to my Capybara's digital outs. I'd like to be able to transfer digitally Kyma to Mac while running Digital Performer ... in sync with sequencer. My old MOTU PCI-based unit would do it ... but I've been having no luck with my Firepod.

-- MarkPhillips - 21 Oct 2008


I have found that digital audio is somewhat tweaky - some equipment plays together nicer than others. I have had very good luck using the M-Audio CO3 unit between digital I/Os that don't work. It will clean up and re-transmit the data, as well as convert the format (AES/EBU-S/PDIF-Optical). It's a useful tool, and is probably cheaper than buying a new interface.

-- BillMeadows - 22 Oct 2008

Thanks ... maybe I can find a used one somewhere. M-Audio has discontinued the CO3 (though they still make the CO2).

-- MarkPhillips - 23 Oct 2008

if you are on tiger or leopard you could use the a/vc firmware and set up kyma as an aggregate device in audio midi setup then Digital Performer should recognize the capybara as a device. check the twiki for details on the necessary steps . rme fireface 400, not modest in price but very reliable.

-- RafeMcDonald - 09 Nov 2008

I've got both Tiger of Leopard. Has anyone actually tried this and gotten a Capybara to work as part of an aggregate device recognized by DP? This would be GREAT if it worked!

-- MarkPhillips - 24 Nov 2008

Well ... after much fiddlin', diddli', & tweakin' ... I finally got this to work. (I also got some exercise since my Capybara is installed in my "machine room" -- located in my basement!) The A/VC firmware update (downloadable on elsewhere on this site) is for the Flame firewire interface which is still in "beta" version. And it's definitely a little buggy ... not quite ready for "primetime" ... Kyma quit on me a number of times as I was trying to figure things out. I had to re-boot the DSP often and would get messages saying please make sure you Capy is properly connected ... or that my Capy was not responding, etc. But once I got the hang of it, I was actually able to use the Capy as both an input into Digital Performer ... and as an output for a variety of audio software. This could actually end up being better than getting a CO3 or another DA interface (I have 2 already!). Thanks for the tip.

MarkPhillips - 25 Nov 2008

Question: Choose a digital audio interface for working with Kyma?
Keywords: digital audio interface

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