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Question (or Task) How could I clone a percussion Instrument?

I would like to clone a percussion instrument to play live with a controler and I was thinking the best way to do it.

I like to create my own sample libraries for custom instruments and one way is to record up to 127 layers of the instrument, lets say a drum kit so you capture all the formants and the sound is more natural, then I proces and do stuff to create a custom electronic instrument but to play live with this 127 layer sampler is just not eficient for me right now it is just in studio situation.

To play the 127 samples requires lots of cpu and a fast hard drive( solid state is preferred) to do that would require to get a new HD a dedicated cpu like muse receptor or some new laptop, it just need lots of cpu resources and i cant afford crashes live and not be able to play any other instrument because i don't have more ram available

so I thought I could just use few samples of the original, the lowest in velocity , the highest one and few in the middle then create a spectrum analisis of each and create an instrument in kyma where I could load those spectrum files and create a morphing between spectrums based on velocity, if i play low the sistem will morph and play the sound based on whats the closest ¨real sample¨and the next and if it falls in between it will morph both sounds and output the sound, but im not sure this will create a natural sound close to the original, do you think this could work?, any thoughts on how could this be done? any prototypes i should look at? thanks alot .



-- JoseSilva - 05 Sep 2013

Question: is it possible to clone a percussion instrument using spectral analysis?
Keywords: spectral analysis, cloning acustic instruments

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