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Are there any recommendations for eliminating ground loops or hum when connecting unbalanced synths to the Capybara (or when routing the balanced outputs of the Capybara to unbalanced audio amplifiers or powered speakers?


To avoid ground loops, the first rule of thumb is to ensure that all of your equipment is connected to the same outlet (through a power strip). That way, there is no loop created from one outlet, through the ground, to another outlet.

-- CarlaScaletti - 10 Feb 2004

Here are a few notes from the Kyma System Installation Guide:

Use an XLR-to-RCA adapter. This adapter allows for the use of standard RCA unshielded cables. The adapter connects XLR pin 2 to the RCA signal pin, and XLR pin 3 to the RCA shield.

For better results, use three conductor (one twisted pair plus a braided shield) audio cable with an XLR connector on one end and an RCA connector on the other. Connect XLR pin 1 to the cable shield, and connect XLR pins 2 and 3 to the twisted pair. On the other end, connect the RCA signal pin and shield to the twisted pair so that XLR pin 2 ends up connected to the RCA signal pin and XLR pin 3 is connected to the RCA shield.

You have three options for connecting the cable shield: connect it to the case of the unbalanced equipment on the RCA end, connect it to pin 1 on the XLR end, or connect both ends (case ground and XLR pin 1). Do not connect the cable shield to the RCA shield! It is far better to leave the cable shield disconnected.

-- KurtHebel - 10 Feb 2004

Question: How do I connect unbalanced audio equipment to the balanced inputs and outputs of the Capybara?
Keywords: balanced audio, unbalanced audio, ground loops, hum

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