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Pre-recorded wind effects are often disappointing and are not easy to control. Old time "wind-machines" are not the easiest item to have around a studio. I was wondering if there is a simple elegant way to create a wind generator that is flexible enough to create different wind effects and that can be easily controllable, specially in real time. I had to create a wind effect for a play in which the actor actually "talks" to the wind and the wind should respond...


I have tried granular synthesis with several pre-recorded air or air machine sounds and used Wii to transform some of their parameters. It works more or less fine (it actually does the job in this case) but it is not a simple flexible, readily useful solution. Wind seems a simpler acoustic phenomenon than the effect I got. And "air machines" actually include the sound of their mechanism which also influences the result.

-- CarlosAugusto - 26 Feb 2008

Tried White noise through a moving band pass filter into Stereo reverb? Play with the level and band pass frequency and bandwidth. You could also add more than one band pass filter to fine tune the sound.

-- PeteJohnston - 01 Mar 2008

Question: How do I create a wind simulator?
Keywords: wind effect generator synthesizer simulator sound design

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