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I need to invert amplitudes of a spectrum which I feed into 'SpectrumModifier' sound. The amplitudes got to be inverted in respect to the maximum value - so the amplitude of 1 becomes 0, the amplitude of 0 becomes 1 etc. The 'AmpScale' and 'AmpOffset' parameter fields might help to do the job but unfortunately their value has to clamp to the 0~1 range (to get things done I need to enter -1 into 'AmpScale'). There has to be a way to flip those amplitudes. Have I overlooked it?

-- YuriSpitsyn - 29 Sep 2008


In this example, I used SpectrumModifier to multiply the amplitudes by -1 and then add a variable offset called !Amp (ranging from 0 to 1): yuriinversespectrum.kym

Question: How do I flip amplitudes of the spectrum?
Keywords: spectrum amplitude inverse SpectrumModifier?

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