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How can one have an envelope running in reverse with just a simple toggle? I expect a behavior that reverses the timing of the envelope, running from end to start and not a (1 - Output of Envelope). It should also be done with an ADSR and not the GraphicalEnvelope, since I want to have hot parameters.

-- MichaelStrohmann - 09 Nov 2003


One idea would be to use an ADSR envelope with the AttackTime parameter set to

((1 - !Reverse) * !Attack s) + (!Reverse * !Release s)

and the ReleaseTime parameter set to

((1 - !Reverse) * !Release s) + (!Reverse * !Attack s)

This causes the ADSR to use !Attack and !Release for the attack and release times when !Reverse is not on, and the reverse when !Reverse is on.

-- KurtHebel - 11 Nov 2003

Question: How do I reverse an envelope using a simple toggle?
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