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How can I save in the presets the MemoryWriter recordings while I use live & capture sounds in order to be able to recall the exact instance.

-- ChrisParmenidis - 27 Jun 2004


You could try a sample player with "from memory writer" ticked and sharing the same name as your memory writer , feeding a disk recorder module with the name of the file as you want to see it on your hard disk. You must trigger the sample player and the disk recorder at the same time and set the durations before hand. If you wanted to save the memory writers contents at different times and states you would have to have a quantity of disk recorders (fed from the same sample player) with different file names, and then trigger them (along with the one sample player) at different times.

-- PeteJohnston - 28 Jun 2004

Question: How can I save MemoryWriter recordings in the presets when I use live and capture sounds?
Keywords: presets, MemoryWriter?

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