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FAQ for Capybara-320 Owners Interested in the Pacarana

General Pacarana FAQ

Capybara Pacarana Comparisons

How do the Paca and Pacarana compare in size to the Capybara?

By volume, you could fit almost 6 Pacaranas in the same volume as the Capybara...and a little more than 7 Pacas.


Using the Pacarana with the Capybara-320

If I keep my Capy for I/O, will KYMA use any of its computation power, or just simply I/O

Yes, you can use both devices together in a loosely-coupled way.

By default, the PacaBara has 2 inputs and 6 outputs. To use this configuration, turn on the Capybara-320 and Paca(rana), start Kyma, and click OK when Kyma asks if you would like to use the Capybara-320 as your I/O. If you just want to use the Capybara-320 as the audio and MIDI I/O for your Paca(rana), you're done!

If you would like to process the Capybara-320 inputs or outputs, or set up a different configuration of inputs and outputs, please follow the instructions below.

You can load a fixed patch into the Capybara to provide input and output plus optional processing for Pacarana inputs and outputs. For example, you could have your Capybara acting as an EQ or reverb on the I/O of Pacarana. To create a PacaBara:

  1. In Kyma, use the DSP Menu to select the Capybara as your DSP
  2. Design the input and output processing patch using these Sounds to represent the virtual inputs and outputs, and play it
  3. Use the DSP menu to switch to the Pacarana (when it asks if you would like to use the Capybara as your I/O, say NO!)

NB: The Paca-Capybara solution will have longer throughput latency than a Paca-direct-to-converter solution.

Would I plug the Pacarana into the Flame firewire box that is also supporting the Capy?

Yes, it can be plugged into the Flame, or it could be plugged into the computer. As long as the Pacarana, the Flame, and your host computer are all on the same FireWire bus, it works.


Will my MotorMix still work?


Does OSCulator still work with the new hardware?

Yes, you can still use OSCulator for controlling Kyma with the Wiimote, Space Navigator, Lemur, and others.

Will my old, FireWire Continuum Fingerboard still work with the Pacarana?

Yes, if you update the firmware.

Does the new style MIDI-only Continuum work with the Pacarana?

Yes, the new-style Continuum works with the Pacarana in the same way the FireWire Continuum worked; it just uses MIDI instead of FireWire.

Paca and Pacarana

The screw holes on the sides of my Pacarana are empty. Is this normal?

Yes, those holes are used only for attaching the rack ears. They are not involved in holding the case together. So there is no problem keeping them empty.

Capybara 320

Will you continue to sell Capybara-320s, cards, Flames, and audio I/Os?

We are completely sold out of new Capybara-320s, expansion cards, Flames, and audio I/Os. There is some possibility we may have refurbished units or parts in the future, but this is not a certainty.

Differences Between Capybara•320 & Paca(rana)

Should I get rid of ForcedProcessorAssignments?

Yes, the ForcedProcessorAssignments will no longer make sense now that each processor is so much more powerful. They won't break anything, but yes, you should remove them when you run your Sound on the new hardware.

Can you comment on the latency through the unit? Do the Kyma preferences still include round-trip latency settings?

Yes, you can still set round-trip latency settings in the Kyma Preferences (thus setting the size of the input and output buffers on the Pacarana).

How does the interface you choose to use with it figure into the latency equation?

USB audio converters have the smallest latency. FireWire converters introduce slightly more latency. Using the Flame+Capybara•320 as your audio converter introduces the longest latency.

Can timelines still chase timecode? Any way to chase LTC now that the physical LTC IN connector is absent?

Yes to chasing MIDI timecode. Unfortunately, no to the LTC without the LTC input. :(

Do the third party User Microsounds work on the new hardware?

Sorry, but third party User Microsounds will not work on the the Paca(rana) without first being rewritten for the new hardware.


Should I get rid of ForcedProcessorAssignments?

Yes, the ForcedProcessorAssignments will no longer make sense now that each processor is so much more powerful. They won't break anything, but yes, you should remove them when you run your Sound on the new hardware.

Can I get longer capture times with the CrossFilter using the new hardware?

Yes, check the box called AllowLongerCapture and your wish will be granted.

Comments from Kyma users

Have you gotten any feedback from people who have made the switch from a Capybara to a Paca or Pacarana?

I have to say, that I like the design very much and still can´t believe that the Pacaranas have so much more power- and they are so cute lightweights!

I'm loving the new Pacarana. [M]ost of my old sounds just barely register on the meter, even sounds that just barely worked on the Capybara....I can already see that this is going to be a big leap in what I can do and paves the way for years of further development.

Especially the touchstrip is very cool and handy!

I'm excited to have so much RAM, seems like more than I'd know what to do with, actually (guess I'll think of something).

Question: How do I make the transition from the Capybara to the Pacarana?
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