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But first...The Top 50 Questions Asked by Kyma Beginners



Transition from Capybara•320 to Paca(rana)


Convolution in Kyma.

Implementing a Karplus-Strong Algorithm

Creating a EMU z-plane filter

Remove Wind or Background Noise

Creating a Dolby Decoder

Find the Zero Crossing in a file

Sound Design and Creation

Glitch or Microsound techniques and methods

Build an Infinite Sustain

Simulating Underwater Sounds

Reshaping Impulse for Physical Modelling

Acoutice Models of multiple entities acting in concert

Recreating a Herd

Creating Algorithmic Compositions

Synthesizing Thunder

Prototype Usage and Hints

Prototype Documentation in PDF

Finding the Number of FFT Bands

In a speech signal, how can you separate the voiced from unvoiced parts (or vowels and consonants)

Make an Arpeggiator

Looping spectra files

Setting up quasi-harmonic spectral analysis

Pasting a prototype without including it's inputs

Creating Random Start points in a sample

Creating a Sync Grains Fader

Saving MemoryWriter recordings in the presets

Displaying the value of a variable

Live Analysis with Format Banks

Control the Phase of a Oscillator

Inverting the Oscillator Phase

Looping the MultiSegmentEnvelope

Smoothing Resynth Tracks

What is RE Analysis?

Scaling the SoundToGlobalController

Spectral source modules: which are output linear format or output log format?

Setting the MemoryWriter's capture duration to a variable length

Improving the Pitch Tracking

Recording live audio input to the disk

CapyTalk Expressions Usage

Gateing sequential Sounds from the same key on the Keyboard

Reset the countTriggers: and the countTriggersMod:

Creating uncorrelated random numbers

Creating High Rate Triggers

Report the number of midi notes currently playing

Avoiding clicks when re-triggering Sounds still in the release phase

Getting the Sample length at runtime

Requesting the ?Green value on each play

Using KeyPitch as index

Contraining Random Numbers

Controlling the change value on each KeyDown

Control & Midi Processing

Reversing the Envelope on toggle

Randomly select from a collection of values from which some values are excluded

Convert X-Y touch pad controllers to radius-angle controllers

Triggering Nested Sequencers via Gate

Up-sampling Controller values past 1000hz

Step through the values of an array consecutively on !KeyDown

Modify the mouse to event tool to pay attention to the mouse button and the mouse location

Sync the the BPM of the Kyma Timeline to an external source of MIDI Timing Clock

Send MIDI controls over the Internet to control another Capybara

Control a Tool with MIDI

Sync a loop using MIDI Timing Clock and Bar Marker

Record MIDI events into a MIDI file

Convert an analysis file into a musical score

Sync Kyma BPM to MIDI Sequencer's tempo map

Handle MIDI NRPN messages

Populate the pitches or ExtraValues? field of an Analog Sequencer from a MIDI file

Detecting Keystrokes in SmallTalk

Control two or more tracks with the same MIDI note event stream

Control overall output volume control from an external MIDI source


Change VCS with MAX

Synchronized VCS preset changes in Timeline

Create portamento-like effect when changing presets or when the dice is rolled

Exclude Widgets in a preset

Roll the Dice using MIDI

Copying VCS layouts from Timeline to another

External Controllers, Flame

Sharing a MotorMix with another application

Setting up a Wacom Tablet

Connecting more than one computer via Firewire

Using a Pocke Dial with Kyma

Creating a Doepfer Global Map for Kyma


How to Change the size of Sound Icons

How to Erase the Kyma preferences

Create a 72-step equal tempered microtonal tuning scale

How to recover from "Error-22"

Clearing the Memory Writer cache

Using Kyma as a standalone

Connecting unbalanced audio signals to the Capybara

Convert a tuning table into a zero to 1 value

All Questions

How do I create pretty User Interface graphics for Kyma?]]

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