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We need to send out the Timeline SMPTE information through the LTC Out (SMPTE) and the MIDI Out as MTC. The Inputs LTC In and MTC are working fine. But we don't know how to activate the Outputs LTC Out and MTC Out.

-- MartinFeigel - 01 Mar 2010


Unfortunately, the Capybara does not send LTC or MTC out, it only receives LTC and MTC input.

Could you possibly synchronize Kyma and the other equipment from an external LTC source?

There is a Capybara user who has cleverly figured out how to synthesize an LTC audio signal (but this may be too much trouble for what you would like to do?)

About generating LTC as audio

Hi, I'm the Capybara user Carla and Kurt refer to above. I wrote a C++ program that generates an audio file representing a span of timecode in SMPTE/LTC format. You give it a starting timecode position and total duration and it generates the waveforms for the timecode in audio format. This waveform can then be played out of one of the Capybara's (or Pacarana's) outputs. I've actually used it mostly in the other direction -- I play it into the Capy's LTC input so as not to clog up the MIDI input or an audio input. The program only works for sample rates that are even multiples of the timecode frame rate, i.e., it requires that the number of samples needed to represent one frame of timecode be an integer. For example, it can accomodate 24, 25, and 30 fps at 48KHz, but not 29.97fps.

If I were doing this as outgoing timecode, I would probably look into the possibility of writing a sound in Kyma that would simply generate the timecode waveforms, rather than generating a file. It would be a bit uncomfortable to do it directly in Capytalk because the waveform moves more quickly than Capytalk's event clock does. It would be easy in ASM, but I'm not sure that solution is available for the Pacarana...

I'd be glad to pass on some source code to you, to show you how the generation is done. I have a Mac OS X binary that does this that I could pass on as well. Let me know if I can help.

-- LuddyHarrison - 02 Mar 2010

As I understand it right. This will be an offline TC generator creating an audio file. Thank you for this information. We already have a standalone HW generator. What we were thinking about is, if playing SMPTE instantly from any Kyma Timeline position would be possible in real time by default. But the idea is nice ... simulate an old analogue tape situation (with an imported SMPTE Audio timeline track). Why not! We now using a synchronized PAL based accurate video server. Do you think a audio file could be precise enough when running the timeline ?

-- MartinFeigel - 09 Mar 2010

We provided SMTPE Timecode from a Video Server to the Capybara LTC In. The Timeline is synchronizing very well. Even when SMPTE is running in Loop Mode (TC loop-jump). So Kyma is very okay! The problem is our third party Midi equipment. All other SMPTE to Midi unit's (Unitor and MidiTimePiece?) are only working in TC Jam mode. The SMPTE Loop Jump will be jammed and transformed into a continuous MTC. Therefore SMPTE is not an option anymore. We have to go back to a MTC Loop provided by a dedicated Master MTC Loop Generator (We now using a standalone Logic System) and sync via the Capybara Midi In again. So we have heavy Capybara Midi In Traffic again.

Question: How do I send LTC or MTC out from the Capybara?

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