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Kyma won't save to my second hard drive, it goes through the process and displays the processing bar graph but the files are not showing up, even after refreshing the browser. I can save to the desktop or my system drive without any hiccups. Also It will only open aiff files, even small ones 1mb to 10mb, from the second drive if I dbl click from the sound browser. If I use the cmd-O, I get the message "not expecting to open this type of file". Since I have not been able to save any new aiff files the only ones on the drive were created using kyma x from OS 9.

-- RafeMcDonald - 09 Nov 2004


After you have recorded the file to the second hard drive, have you checked with the Finder to see if the file was saved? It could be that Kyma is saving the file but for some reason is unable to open the file. If it has stored it on the hard drive, please copy it to your main drive to see if Kyma can see the file and open it. Thanks!

We have set up a 2 drive Mac OS X system and were able to record, open, and playback sample files from the external disk. Perhaps its something with your particular set up?

-- KurtHebel - 09 Nov 2004

The trouble is that I think Kyma is writing the file to the disk but they are not showing up in the directory, no matter which way I view it; viewing from the desktop or via kyma's sound browser. Why does Kyma give me the message "not expecting to open a file of this type" when i attempt to open a aiff file using the key command; CMD-O ? . This only happens with aiff files stored on my second drive. Another oddity is some sample files that are my recordings from kyma 5 will not let me save saying they are "read only files". I have not noticed anwhere in kyma that it is possible to turn on the copy protection bit - is it possible that I have overlooked something. After retrying to save this sample file edit as another file to my working drive kyma said "disk primitive failed".

-- RafeMcDonald - 09 Nov 2004

I have completely reinitialized the second drive under osx 10.3.5 and yanked the ram - problem seems solved!!! yippee!!! As it turns out the mac dealer sent me Azen ram and my regular dealer has seen a lot of problems with this brand. I am going to try this ram again and see if problem reoccurs as it still could be a conflict with needing to have all drives initialized under 10.3.5.

-- RafeMcDonald - 10 Nov 2004

TopicClassification: Solved
BriefDescription?: Problem AccessingFilesFromSecondDrive?
OperatingSystem: Mac OSX
LapOrDesk?: Desktop
HostProcessor?: PowerPC? G4
ClockSpeedInMHz?: 867
RAMInMB?: 1024-2047
CapyInterface?: Flame
KymaVersion?: KymaX?
CapybaraVersion?: Capy320
ExpansionCards?: 2
VirtualMemory?: Off
MonitorSize?: 17
NumberMonitors?: 1
NumberColors?: 16 bit (thousands)
GraphicsCard?: N/A
OtherHardware?: N/A
OtherSoftware?: N/A

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