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If Kyma is in the background (OSX), and I then click on e.g. the Status window - then I would expect all the other windows of Kyma to be brought to the front too. Currently only that Status window is brought into the foreground whilst the remaining windows (Sound Browser, DSP Status etc) remain hidden.

Would be great if a click of one Kyma window (visible behind a different current Application) would bring up Kyma together with all its windows.

Thanks! Andrew

-- AndrewPurdy - 30 Oct 2003


I accidentally met this piece of info on the developers.apple web (not meant as any kind of insinuation):

How do I bring all my windows to the front?

Mac OS X introduced a new paradigm of window layering which allows windows of different applications to be interwoven with one another. This paradigm makes dragging from one applications window to another much easier but there are also time in which you may want to force all your applications windows to the foreground. There are two ways of doing this. Mac OS X 10.1 introduced a new HI command, kHICommandBringAllToFront. By sending this command to yourself, and letting the default handlers process the event your application windows will be brought to the front. Another choice which works on all versions of the OS is to force your applications process to the front with the Process Manager.

void    <nop>MakeMeTheFrontProcess()
    ProcessSerialNumber    psn;
    OSErr                err;
    err    = <nop>GetCurrentProcess( &psn );
    if ( err == noErr )
        (void) <nop>SetFrontProcess( &psn );

-- DavidKiers - 30 Oct 2003

Most OSX applications have a "Window" menu with a "Bring All To Front" option. Kyma should have this.

-- BillMeadows - 30 Oct 2003

Since this behavior (of allowing windows from different applications to be interleaved) is standard across all Mac OS X applications, we are unsure as to whether we should change it back to the behavior found in Mac OS 9.

Right now, there are two different ways to bring all of the Kyma windows to the front at once:

-- KurtHebel - 03 Nov 2003

TopicClassification: Pending
BriefDescription?: Kyma window activation
OperatingSystem: Mac OSX
LapOrDesk?: Laptop, Desktop
HostProcessor?: PowerPC? G5, PowerPC? G4
ClockSpeedInMHz?: N/A
RAMInMB?: 256-511, 512-1023
CapyInterface?: Flame
KymaVersion?: KymaX?
CapybaraVersion?: Capy320, CapyLS?, Capy66
ExpansionCards?: None, 1, 2, 3, 4
VirtualMemory?: N/A
MonitorSize?: 17
NumberMonitors?: 2
NumberColors?: 16 bit (thousands), 24 bit (millions), 32 bit (true color)
GraphicsCard?: N/A
OtherHardware?: N/A
OtherSoftware?: N/A

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