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Examples of Real World Configurations

Share your success stories on how you've connected Kyma and your Paca(rana) with the rest of your studio!

Setup with UA Apollo realtime plugins

MacBookPro (late 2009) with Sonnet Firewire 800 PCIExpress card giving me two FW800 ports.

MBP > Pacarana FW800

MBP > UA Apollo FW800

Pacarana > TC Konnekt 24D FW400

TC 24D > UA Apollo (ADAT optical in and out)

Monitoring through Apollo

This setup allows me to use UA plug ins on each individual Kyma output in realtime with very low latency.

Sounds excellent!

-- CristianVogel - 09 May 2014

Overly complicated 2 channel, 48k digital routing:

Computer > Pacarana FW800

Pacarana USB > Sound Devices USBPre2 USB

Sound Devices USBPre2 SPDIF Out > M-Audio CO3 SPDIF In

M-Audio CO3 AES Out > Lynx AES16 PCIe AES In

Lynx AES16 PCIe AES Out > Avid 192 I/O AES In (Pro Tools)

This configuration eliminates the need for D/A in the studio-centric Kyma signal chain, while also providing digital-patch-bay-esque flexibility thanks to Lynx's highly modifiable software mixer.

The M-Audio CO3 (discontinued, but readily available on the second hand market) allows clean digital format conversion between TOSLink, SPDIF and AES.

Pro Tools acts as a full-featured tape recorder.

Note: You can remove the M-Audio CO3 if your 192 I/O is set to the TOSLink or SPDIF digital formats. As the USBPre2 does not support AES, and the 192 I/O does not support simultaneous digital formats, if your 192 I/O is set to AES, the M-Audio CO3 is necessary for optimal compatibility.

Note 2: You can remove the Lynx if you wish to connect the output of the previous step - either AES/SPDIF/TOSLink from the CO3 or SPDIF/TOSLink from the USBPre2 - directly to the 192 I/O.

Note 3: As an added bonus, due to the USBPre2's portability and excellent design, this configuration makes for a wonderful 2-channel mobile rig (using only a computer, the USBPre2's analog output and a paca/rana).

-- DustinCamilleri - 17 Oct 2012

Ben Phenix Lynx Aurora Setup:

Computer > Pacarana FW800

Computer > Aurora 8 FW400

RME HDSPe (slotted in the computer) > Aurora 8 via AES channels 9-16

RME HDSPe > Dynaudio Air monitors via AES channels 1-2 (channels 3-8 currently unused)

The tricky is part is that it seems the Aurora configuration software is not very good on the Mac platform. It won't even launch on the Mac Pro and on the MacBook it slams the midiserver so bad that it consumes all the resources and hangs. I got it run on windows PC. However, it doesn't like to run when Kyma is active on the Mac so you needed to configure and then unplug from the PC. YMMV.

In the control panel, make sure to use the 8 analog + 8 digital IO option. Then on the digital IO panel, under the settings options:

To Analog Out: Remote

To Digital Out: Remote

To LSlot Out: Digital Out

Under Digital Output meters configure source A & source B. I left source A as the analog IO. On source B, choose Lslot 1-8 and double check that you unmute all the channels (they are muted by default).

Under the Analog Output do the same for source A & B but on source A select the Digital (aka AES) IO. Source B then is the LSlot. Again check that everything is unmuted.

The net effect is that you can then route audio from the analog inputs to either your computer via AES or to Kyma via the Slot. You can also route audio to the analog outputs from either Kyma or the computer. Additionally, the Aurora acts as a digital IO bridge.

I don't use a lot of analog IO, but now I can share the wonderful analog convertors of the Aurora between Kyma & my computer when I need them but stay in the digital domain between the Kyma & computer.

Saffire 40

Here is my setup:

Mac Pro > FW800 back port > Pacarana

Mac Pro > FW400 back port > 24D

Mac Pro > FW400 front port > Saffire 40

24D ADAT IO to Saffire 40 ADAT IO.

Saffire 40 provides master sync clock. Saffire 40 provides core audio IO to the Mac Pro and Ableton Live or Apple Logic Pro.

Saffire 40 SPDIF/AES to Dynaudio monitors.

The AD/DA for both the 24D & Saffire is routed through an analog mixer for bringing in non-digital source as desired.

Just replace the Saffire 40 with your own favorite studio converter XYZ. The XYZ provides all the IO to your audio programs. The Pacarana via the TC Electronic device connects via ADAT. I also have the TC Electronic's 4 analog IO connected out to a mixer if I want to process sounds from the analog domain.

Long story short: 1 audio interface is dedicated to the pacarana, the other to core audio (the computer). If you want to keep it all in the digital domain, use ADAT or AES/SPDIF to link the 2 interfaces together.

-- BenPhenix - 10 Jun 2009

Konnekt 24D

My setup:

Mac Book Pro > FW800 > Pacarana

Mac Book Pro > FW400 > TC Electronic Konnect 24D

Mac Book Pro > USB > Wacom Intuous 4

DAW - Separate PC running Windows XP SP3 (Steinberg Nuendo 4), RME HDSP Madi card and 648 Madi to ADAT Lightpipe Bridge, Apogee AD-16x's, Apogee DA-16, Apogee Big Ben

24D ADAT IO to 648 Madi Lightpipe Bridge (this enables routing to and from DAW to Kyma and back), Digital Sync for Kyma is coming from 648 and the 648 is receiving word clock from Apogee Big Ben. All digital audio is receiving word clock from Big Ben.

I do all AD conversion in DAW, all monitoring is done through a Nuendo Session using Cranesong Avocet as Monitor Controller and DA

-- MichaelRumore - 13 Jun 2009

Knut's setup

TC Konnekt 24d to Paca (Firewire800 to 400 cable)

Mac Pro backside FW 800 to Paca

Mac Pro backside FW 400 to Saffire pro 24

ADAT cable from Konnekt24d to Saffire pro 24

S/PDIF from Saffire pro 24 to TC Konnekt 24D

In Kyma DSP Status, select S/PDIF as clock source (so Saffire can act as Master Clock)

-- KnutKaulke - 19 Nov 2009

Yet another setup

Mac Pro w/ Apogee Symphony 32 + 1 x AD-16x, 1 x DA-16x (both in advanced routing mode which makes analog and AES i/o independent)

Mac Pro > FW 800 > Pacarana

Pacarana > FW 800 to 400 > TC digital konnekt x32

Mac Pro > FW 400 > Continuum Fingerboard

AES/EBU in/out from TC digital konnekt x32 to the AD/DA-16x converters with the x32 locked to AES/EBU clock. All monitoring is done by running Live/Logic/MaxMSP.

Additionally the ADAT in/out on the x32 is connected to an Eventide H8000FW (which is in turn connected to the AD/DA-16x via AES/EBU). This setup allows the H8000 optionally to be patched in before or after the Pacarana directly from the x32 front panel.

-- GregWuller - 28 September 2010

Simple and safe touring setup

Macbook Pro > FW800 > Pacarana

Pacarana > FW800 to 400 > TC Konnekt Live (could be Impact Twin )

TIP: I use Gaffa tape to hold all my FW connectors nice and tight on the mbp and the other hardware. They are extremetly sensitive to people jumping around near you and other disruptions.

Make sure the TC is off and powered with its own adaptor, so as to cancel any chance of FireWire buss power zapping around. Make sure that the firewire cables are connected correctly before powering up anything. Switch on TC first. Then Pacarana.

Boot Kyma. Rock the house.

-- CristianVogel - 25 May 2011

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