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Setting up the MOTU MK3 ULTRALITE HYBRID for use on a Macintosh alternating with the Paca(rana)

Special thanks to the late PeterChristopherson for coming up with this method and screenshots for setting up the MOTU for dual use!

We suspect that these same instructions can be used with other types of MOTU interfaces.

Leave the MOTU Drivers installed on your Mac. Then:

  1. On the Sound page of System Preferences, select Internal Speakers (or any device other than the MOTU) as your Output Device:


  2. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL this naughty box in the MOTU Audio Set up window below must be unchecked manually:

    Having unchecked this box, I suspect its better to quit this program, though the Ultralight doesn't seem to care.

Now the Paca(rana) can control the MOTU. Whenever you want the Mac to control the MOTU instead, do the following:

  1. In Kyma, DSP Status Window, select Idle (or switch off the Pacarana entirely).
  2. On Sound page of System Preferences, select MOTU as your Output device.

Thanks, Peter!! (

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