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Using OSCulator to Send Bi-directional MIDI Streams to Kyma Over OSC

If you are using an application that can output MIDI but not OSC, you can use OSCulator to send the MIDI output stream as OSC messages to Kyma without having to map each MIDI message individually in OSCulator. This obviates the need for a MIDI interface on your computer.

OSCulator can also act as your central routing program, sending some of the OSC messages to Kyma and others to different devices.

Here's how to use OSCulator to send MIDI over OSC to Kyma:

From your MIDI application, choose the "OSCulator In" MIDI input port as the destination of MIDI. As soon as the application sends MIDI data to OSCulator, the message


will appear in OSCulator showing the received MIDI. In the Event Type column, choose "OSC Routing", and then choose beslime-###.local as the OSC destination (where ### is the serial number of your Paca(rana)).

When Kyma sends MIDI output, a message named /midi/raw/paca-out will appear in OSCulator showing the MIDI data being sent back to your computer from the Paca(rana). In the Event Type column, choose "Send to MIDI", and then choose "OSCulator Out" to send back MIDI events to the application's virtual output.

In your MIDI application, you can then receive MIDI data by choosing "OSCulator Out" as the MIDI input.

OSCulator can send and receive MIDI from any number of applications running on your Macintosh using OSCulator's virtual MIDI ports.

To use a physical MIDI interface, use MIDI Pipe or MIDI Patchbay to connect the virtual MIDI ports to the physical MIDI interface. (A future version of OSCulator may include a direct connection to the computer's MIDI interface.)

You can also use a sequencer like Logic or Live that can route physical MIDI devices. In fact, when using Logic as the bridge, you may be able to get less latency in playing notes than by going through MIDI Pipe or MIDI Patchbay.

Please report any difficulties setting this up, or any unexpected behavior in either OSCulator or Kyma, in comments below.

Thank you and enjoy!


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