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Another free Impulse Responses page:

-- MatteoMilani - 28 Jul 2006

thanks to carla for setting this section up.... by request from me because i came across a fantastic set of Impulse Responses that can be used in Kyma's cross filter or any other impulse engine (i also use them in Peak's Impulse Verb).

the company is called Virtuasonic and they have a package of a lot (1000?) impulse responses available either as a download or on a CD... i'm a big fan of convolution.. i love my Altiverb and i use ColorTonePro? all the time.... these Virtuasonic IRs are nice because they're not necessarily just reverbs.. and they're not samples of vintage outboard gear.. they're sort of strange spaces and atmospheres.. really nice in Kyma!...

their website is:

(i am not affiliated with them in any way!)

-- TaylorDeupree - 22 Jun 2006

Check out Lloyd Billing's Sound Effects Library. He was the managing director of the legendary Tape Gallery studio in London where he and Pete Johnston did all that groundbreaking voice morphing work in the 90s.

-- CarlaScaletti - 18 Oct 2006

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