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We sell the Kyma system direct from our web site and can ship directly to your address anywhere in the world. To order, please visit: Ordering.

How do I go about ordering a system?

Please take a look at the Ordering page and decide which configuration would best fit your needs. If you have any questions about this, feel free to give us a call. Don't worry, you won't get the hard-sell when you call Symbolic Sound. We may even try to talk you out of getting Kyma if we don't think that it would fit your needs.

Once you have decided the configuration that best fits your application and budget, you can either place your order on our secure site or call Symbolic Sound to place your order over the phone. Alternatively, you can send an email to info-kyma @ symbolicsound . com stating the configuration you need and we will send a PDF quote by return email.

Please include the FireWire speed of your computer, whether you are using a Mac or a PC, whether you would like rack-mount or desktop sides, and whether you need any accessories such as a carrying case.

What is the delivery time?

We can usually ship within three days of receiving a signed order. Check with Symbolic Sound to find out whether any models or accessories are back-ordered.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We can accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), a bank draft in US dollars, a cashier's check in US dollars, a money order in US dollars, a wire transfer in US dollars, or a personal check in US dollars drawn on a US bank.

Do I pay when I place the order?

To confirm your order, all we need is your signature and an indication of the method of payment on the Customer Order Form. For credit cards, we will not actually charge the card until the day we ship your system. For personal checks, we will cash the check one week before shipping your system (introducing a week delay in processing your order. Cashier's checks, money orders and bank drafts are the same as cash, so they do not add any delay to the delivery time).

Can I buy it on an installment plan?

We considered this option, but then we decided we should concentrate our efforts on software development (rather than on managing leases and loans). However, there are several finance companies you could contact that specialize in providing equipment loans for studios. Another alternative is to put the system on a credit card and to spread out the payments.

How do you ship?

UPS 2-day or 3-day air delivery to addresses inside the US. For international orders, we ship by UPS Expedited service (typically 3-5 day delivery depending on customs).

Do you ship internationally too?

Yes. You can order Kyma from us directly, and we will ship it to your address by UPS Expedited service.

Can I use my credit card on an international order?

Yes, but it's a good idea to notify your bank that you are placing the order. Some European banks will automatically decline large overseas transactions unless you contact them in advance to give your approval for the transaction (probably this is to protect you against unauthorized use of your card).

Using a credit card is a convenient way to purchase items overseas, since the currency exchange is done for you automatically. Alternatively, you can ask your bank to do a wire transfer, and they will compute the exchange rate for you at the bank. Most banks can also issue a "cashier's check" or "bank check" in US dollars which you could send by post. Many post offices can also issue a "postal money order" which is the same as a cashier's check.

What are the taxes and duties on international orders? Do I pay them to you or to the customs office?

The taxes (VAT or GST) and duties are different for each country. UPS will act as the customs broker and walks the package through the customs office in your country. If there are taxes or duties, then UPS will call you to notify you of the amount before they deliver the package to you. You might want to call the local office of UPS ahead of time to get an idea of what the taxes might be. Based on the total dollar amount and the fact that the Capybara is a computer peripheral, they should be able to give you an idea of what, if any, taxes your country might charge on the sale and the import. If you use the Capybara in your profession, you may even be able to get a refund of any sales tax on your income taxes at the end of the year (please check with a tax professional in your country to verify this).

Here are some resources that might help guide you.

Do you sell Kyma T-Shirts and other stuff?

Yes! We have Kyma T-Shirts (and other gee gaws on occasion).