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Dear microsound users: Reveal yourself!

Who are you? Please add your user name below if you use any of the microsounds.

Which microsounds do you use the most? Please indicate David(McClain?)/Pete/CAG/GreenTea and specify the sounds themself!

Which functionality do you use from the non CAG micorsounds?

User Table:

user asy modules Which non CAG sounds most used:
ChristiaanGelauff CAG none
CamilleTroillard CAG Pete ?
KarlMousseau David Pete CAG -
EckardVossas David Pete CAG -
MatteoMilani David Pete -
CristianVogel David Pete CAG -
SeanFlannery David Pete CAG -
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CamilleTroillard wrote he would like to have Pete combined with CAG. I hope with some feedback from YOU (=the users) I can get an insight who really uses what.

-- ChristiaanGelauff = CAG - 31 Jul 2006

Personal comments below:

I'd really like to have access to all microsound at the same time (Dave, Pete, tea!) -- KarlMousseau - 01 Aug 2006

Me too (Dave, Pete, CAG & Green Tea LCK) -- EckardVossas - 02 Aug 2006

Your prairs have been answered: Kyma X.42 (6.42) can load multiple users microsound files! -- ChristiaanGelauff - 26 Feb 2007

Actually I'm using David and Pete microsounds. Give me some time for use and review your modules. Thanks for your contribution to the collective. -- MatteoMilani - 27 Nov 2006

Well Matteo I am still waiting for your review. -- ChristiaanGelauff - 24 Feb 2007

Christiaan, your CAGASY releases are very powerful, very inspiring, and very stable, although a little complex to get into at first. The delay is awesome , as are the distortions, the stereo noise and the filters. Well done, good work. Keep on going! -- CristianVogel - 12 Apr 2007

Anyone know what the current status is on these microsounds with the new hardware? -- MarkPhillips - 12 Aug 2010

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