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The audio output of these Sounds is picked up by the microphone and fed back into the Sounds as parameter controls. You can "perform" the Sounds by moving the microphone closer or further from the left or the right speaker or by inserting clicks or vocal noises into the feedback loop. (I'd like to take this idea further and try to create some environments with two opposing forces that are sometimes in balance...For now, these are just a couple of fun examples to play with and expand upon.)

-- CarlaScaletti - 07 Feb 2004

I tried something similar to this some time back to create a room resonance loop. It was very cool. I'll try your example soon. In the meantime, I don't know if you are aware of this early analog tape loop piece using this type of room resonance loop:

-- EdmundEagan - 18 Sep 2004

Yes! (Many years ago, I used the room resonance technique to make a piece called Half Lives. A friend of mine and I read the names of elements that are by-products of a nuclear reactor, then let the room and the tape loops decay the sound by half-lives until the words turned into ringing—which took a looooong time.)

-- CarlaScaletti - 18 Sep 2004

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