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The zip archive contains a Live Set (v.6) to control Kyma and the Kyma Sounds. Actually, although I started editing the AutoBreakz? for use with Live - it turned out a bit too glitchy for my taste and are some problems with my scaling algorithm.

I ended up using a similar sound, AutoKronos? (sorry, I can't remember who to credit for the original sound but it does use the Filters from Ben Phoenix) which mixes up samples quite well, albeit in a more chaotic manner.

You might need to change the expression in the SoundToGlobalController? accoring to how many octaves your keyboard has: ((!KeyNumber - 28 / (103-28)) * 2 - 1)

((!KeyNumber - *LowestMidiKeyNumber* / (*HighestMidiKeyNumber* - *LowestMidiKeyNumber*)) * 2 - 1)

This expression scales the midi key input between -1 and 1.

Works nicely in the live gliss sound too!

-- AndrewPurdy - 07 Nov 2006

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