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SweptLand Sound is based on the Eventide H-3000 algorithm Swept Combs.

The original algorithm has six modulated delays with a maximum of 0.2 sec. each; this Sound has eight delays with 1 second each. All delays have individual control of Delay Time, Delay Feedback (with phase inversion), LFO modulator Rate and Depth, Volume and Pan L-R.

The individual controls are linked to the respective Master Scale control. For example, all eight Delay Times are linked to the master scale MstDelay. In the input of the Sound you can choose Mono or Stereo. Mono sum Left and Right channels and send the same sound to the eight delays (ScaleMono, controls the volume of the mono sum only). In Stereo mode Left channel goes to delays 1-4 and Right channel to delays 5-8.

I have added an on/off switch for each delay, on/off switch for dry sound and FX sound, input level for FX (because sometimes very hot signals can distort the delay feedback) and an output FX gain.

Enjoy and roll the dice!

-- JesusGestoso - 26 Feb 2005

In the "cnossos" preset, it's amazing the way you can hear a counterpoint melody emerging out of the filters! I also tried this same setting on the bottle rocket and gunshot samples from Sound Effects Library and the result reminds me of the beautiful tonal shock wave effect in Attack of the Clones. I doubt that is how they actually got the effect (and it has been a few years since I actually heard it), but the overall effect reminded me of that astonishing moment in the film.


-- CarlaScaletti - 06 Apr 2005

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