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P5 Synth Discussion

Basic subtractive synth with two OSC banks (each bank with multiple waveforms) into a VCF than VCA. Thanks to PeteJohnston for the Surbiton Oscillator which provides anti-aliasing for the waveforms.

Prophet5 waveforms plus many others can be downloaded here.

-- BenPhenix - 08 Oct 2003

Updated. Fixed an issue where all the memory writers became unchecked due to a prior update of Kyma X. This is the Poly version (Polyification was done by Pete Johnston).

-- BenPhenix - 07 Jun 2009

totally cool! love the realtime BWLT

-- CristianVogel - 23 Jun 2009

I have enjoyed this. I am using this in some work. -- CharlieNorton - 11 Nov 2010

Seems to be requesting me to locate a sample file named 'p5saw.wav' which is on a HDD called system drive, in folders: Applications:Kyma:Wavetables:analogwave forms:prophet_5:p5saw.wav'

-- JulianLeviston - 13 Nov 2013

Hi Julian, have you downloaded the zipped file of Prophet5 waveforms? It seems to be included in my copy, at least the one I had downloaded several years ago. If it's no longer included, I can re-upload the copy I have. Thanks!

-- CarlaScaletti - 13 Nov 2013

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