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Spectrum to MIDI converter

Takes the amplitudes and frequencies from 16 partials of a spectrum file and turns them into MIDI output note events. Each track is output on its own MIDI channel and it assumes that you have PitchBend set to one half step on your synthesizer. If you send the MIDI to a sequencer or notation program, you can generate a score from a spectrum file.

In some of the examples, the pattern of reattacking is based on the partial number, so they retrigger at: !BPM, 2 * !BPM, 3 * !BPM, etc., like a subaudio harmonic series. In others, the reattack pattern is random.

NOTE: There lots of breakpoints in the spectrum envelopes, so these Sounds can flood your MIDI outputs pretty easily. To stop them, you sometimes have to play another (nonMIDI) Sound, then Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+M to stop MIDI notes.

-- CarlaScaletti - 04 May 2004

was playing around with those example files and got quite strange results. what i am up to is realtime analysis of life input and resynthesise on a piano. as i understand carlas examples the pitch bend deviates from the the given pitch of the analysis tracks to create a actual pitch.

i'd like to sieve those pitches to put them in the raster of 88 well tempered keys (27.5 hz to 4186 Hz).

what i also don't understand is why the capybara gets slower and slower once i increase the track count of the analysis

-- MichaelStrohmann - 28 Feb 2011

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