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There are three sets of identical controls for the three delays. The large !DelaySelect Horizontal fader chooses which Delay is being heard, although the other two are usually being heard as well in the form of crossfeeds.

In the sound I've described Crossfeedback between the parallel delays, but in reality I've prevented the possibility of feedback - in other words, If Delay 1 is being sent to Delay 2, and Delay 2 is being sent to Delay 1, they don't get get caught in a loop because the sound incoming from the parallel delays are not sent back out to the other delays again. If that makes sense. [I had orginally planned to allow real feedback possible, but it made things to confusing and required too much thought in order to prevent it from happening when it wasn't wanted].

The horizontal faders are either switches (at the input and the output of the delays) or faders that effect the balance between the primary delay and the crossfed delays. The ones underneath the filters and underneath the feedback of the delay change the amount of filtering or the amount of feedback of the primary delay in relation to the secondary delay.

-- PhilCurtis - 21 Feb 2009

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