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VCF Demo #1 Discussion

This demo uses 3 saw oscillators slightly detuned. I did detuning the dumb way by subtracting and adding a (small) fixed value from the note number of two oscillators, leaving one alone. This value works pretty well at lower note numbers but doesn't sound good at higher note numbers. A better approach would be to add and subtract a value relative to the note number - I'll do this tonight and upload an update.

I find the VCF to be very good sounding. Listen to the MP3 (VCFDemo.mp3) and let me know what you think...

-- MichaelMarsh - 21 Oct 2003

I like it. Very even tone, may be too perfect to call it VCF! I think adding a small amount of jitter+noise at cutoff freq would help.

Here is a basic example using only a single saw waveform without any processing; only VCF and pitch modulated by LFO. I'll try to add some jitter at cutoff freq later.

-- KarlMousseau - 29 Oct 2003

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