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kyma付weaky's Share web The web for users, groups and offices. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2023, Peter Thoeny and contributing authors. Peter Thoeny [] Peter Thoeny [] TWiki TWiki.Share TWiki.Share WebStatistics Statistics for Share Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Mar 2022 1390 0 0 38 ... 2022-03-02T12:07:00Z guest 1.1 updated major AlgaToneDiscussion Hi Cristian Purely by listening to the sound examples my guess is that the control doesn't need to be at sample rate. There is nothing in there that constitutes changes ... 2013-02-04T13:57:00Z CristianVogel 1.1 updated major BatchProcessing INCLUDE{"ShareTopicBanner"} Return to the Menu ATTACHURL /../Sounds/anotherbatchprocessingexample ... 2010-12-28T20:12:00Z CharlieNorton 1.5 updated major AsyUsers Dear microsound users: Reveal yourself! Who are you? Please add your user name below if you use any of the microsounds. Which microsounds do you use the most? Please ... 2010-08-12T17:03:00Z MarkPhillips 1.12 updated major BinauralPanDiscuss These are some pinna-based binaural panning and mix-down Sounds (For best results, please listen over headphones). There are some fun 360 degree panning and vertical ... 2009-12-16T14:48:00Z CarlaScaletti 1.4 updated major CAGAsyRelease1 Finally Release 1 of my amazing asy-code. Just unzip the files and put these in an appropiate directory. Initialize the Capy with the "User Microsound Classes.asy ... 2007-05-08T18:38:00Z ChristiaanGelauff 1.15 updated major AddHardLimit This is just an add function. It can add up stereo or mono signals as a mixer does. If you add up to many correlated audiosignals, an audiosignal starts to clip. Most ... 2007-05-04T08:23:00Z ChristiaanGelauff 1.6 updated major CAGAsyRelease3 Release 3 of my amazing asy-code. Just unzip the files and put these in an appropiate directory. Initialize the Capy with the "User Microsound Classes.asy" (This ... 2007-04-25T10:10:00Z ChristiaanGelauff 1.12 updated major CAGAsyRelease2 Release 2 of my amazing asy-code. Just unzip the files and put these in an appropiate directory. Initialize the Capy with the "User Microsound Classes.asy" (This ... 2007-03-29T16:00:00Z ChristiaanGelauff 1.10 updated major AmpFaderSpectrumModifierDiscussion User.Chuck Welty suggested using the SpectrumModifier to control the amplitude of each partial in a spectrum. By using the expression TrackNumber of: {(0 to: 64 collect ... 2007-01-12T02:36:00Z CarlaScaletti 1.1 updated major BitReducer Add uncommon degrees of dirt with this Sound. Believe me, the right place for this saturation tool is in the Prototypes strip. Thanks to Pete Johnston for his contribution ... 2006-11-19T23:46:00Z MatteoMilani 1.1 updated major BeatChopSequencerDiscussion Tools for chopping up sample loops the first a simple sound that chops a loop on a quantized toggle, the second a fairly elaborate 2-sequencer construction with chopping ... 2006-10-31T01:39:00Z PhilCurtis 1.1 updated major ANoisyCollectionDiscussion This is a collection created to destroy any kind of sound source with a lo-fi radio "feel". User.MatteoMilani 12 Jul 2006 Great Sounds! I can picture Princess Lea ... 2006-10-11T22:31:00Z MatteoMilani 1.4 updated major Bandpass2 The Bandpass Filter that comes with Kyma is a lowpass filter in series with a highpass filter, which means you set lowcut/hicut frequencies and if you use resonance ... 2006-01-27T09:53:00Z RobRayle 1.2 updated major 2-poleFiltersDiscussion The attached Sound file contains corrected implementations for the classical 2-pole resonant filters: LPF, HPF, BPF, Band-Reject, All-Pass, Peaking (types 1, 2, and ... 2006-01-05T19:42:00Z DavidMcClain 1.1 updated major BlownTubesDiscussion Now we're getting into a moderately complex model, and it came out pretty nicely I think. The wav file is needed to create an inverting compressor. Any ideas on how ... 2005-11-22T10:17:00Z RobRayle 1.1 updated major

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