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I first started playing music in 4th grade as a flutist in the Junior High band. Several years later, after leaving my flute on top of the water heater momentarily, I was without an instrument. About that time, I started going on 'serenatas' (serenades): friends would gather at midnight and sing boleros to prospective girlfriends accompanied on guitar. If we survived the ire of the Father and/or Brothers we could call it a successful night. That's where I learned to play guitar, my principle instrument.

I played in various groups and solo, and did some musical comedy until I was in college. Even then, I played the occassional dive-come-coffeeshop for tips to supplement a meager income. I have not played 'professionally' since then. I don't like music as an industry; the two words just don't go together!

I have worked for arcade and video game companies programming sound and music engines, scoring games, and designing sound effects. All great fun and moderately lucrative.

I love to write music. I write singer-songwriter stuff, pop, dance, and experimental electronic. I love timbre and I don't care if it comes from an old Martin or from an ordered array. If it sounds good, I like it. In fact I love mixing acoustic instruments and electronic timbres.

The main elements of my studio include a large analog modular synth (mostly MOTM), a Ztar Z6-S MIDI controller, and of course my precious Kyma. I have a bunch of other stuff, too, including about 30 guitars and various synths and effects and things.

Here's a snippet of a recent composition: FortyTwo-Snippet.mp3

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