Signal Flow

In Kyma, each icon on the computer screen represents a sound generation or processing algorithm. In the diagram below, you can think of the audio signal as flowing from left to right, along the lines that connect the icons. You can select any icon along the signal flow path and listen to the signal at that point. (In the real Kyma user interface, you click directly on the icon, but in this online example, you instead have to click on the text that points to the icon).

In this example, a recording of whispered speech is processed through a highly resonant filter, and real-time MIDI control is used to create polyphony, trigger the playback, and set the center frequencies of the filters. In this example the sound source is a digital recording. It could, alternatively, be a live input or a synthetically generated sound.

Raw input sample (26k) - Add MIDI control (85k)

Input heard through filter (26k)

When you double-click an icon, it turns gray, and you see its parameters in the lower half of the editor. Here you see the parameters of the Sample module--the module that is playing back the digital recording of whispered speech. The parameter fields with light blue backgrounds are "hot" parameters--meaning that they can be controlled in real time through MIDI (including keyboards, faders, sequencers, or MIDI files). Parameteres can also be controlled by other signals in Kyma--similar to the idea of a control voltage in an analog synthesizer.

Because the Gate parameter is set to the value !KeyDown in this example, the sample is gated on as long as any MIDI key is held down. If you hold down the key long enough, the sample will start looping. The start point of the loop is controlled by a slowly changing signal called "ramp" (a linear function that goes from 0 up to 1, where 0 is the beginning of the sample and 1 is the end of the sample). That's why you can hear the sample repeating and getting shorter each time in the "filter resonances controlled by MIDI" sound example. (Click on the image if you have trouble reading the parameter values).