New Music Videos Using Kyma

In Buddha cannot sit quietly anymore, Bruno Liberda turns the tables on filmmakers and videographers everywhere by letting the Foley artist generate all the images as a mere side-effect of the process of creating sound. This is a video of a live performance in which a Foley artist sits in front of a video wall using pieces of metal, stone, and leather to create sounds that are processed through Kyma. Small cameras mounted on his hands create the images blown up to wall-size behind him. The Buddha-like sound designer can't help but fiddle around with all this high and low technology, creating sounds and images in the process.

For ordering or performance information, contact Bruno Liberda.

Joran Rudi's When Timbre Comes Apart literally gets into the sound, sending you on trajectories through icey-blue landscapes of undulating, mountainous terrain, suddenly jumping to spikey, volcanic red-yellow stalagmites. In this multi-movement work, the same data structure was used to generate both the sound and the image (and it has a bit of a twist at the end that left the audience at the International Computer Music Conference in Banff chuckling).

For ordering or performance information contact Joran Rudi:

P. O. Box 1137 Blindern
N-0317 Oslo
Voice: +47-22-85-79-70
Fax: +47-22-85-79-74