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Release Date: 26 January 1998

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New Kyma 4.5 Audio Demo Now Available on CD

January 1998, Champaign, IL - Symbolic Sound Corporation announces the availability of a new audio CD containing sound examples that were created using the Kyma sound design workstation.

The CD is free for the asking and contains about 16 minutes of voice-over explanation and examples of additive synthesis, cross-synthesis, morphing, vocoding, envelope following, analog emulation, alternate tunings, sound effects, granular synthesis, triggering disk tracks from the MIDI keyboard, along with other synthesis and processing techniques. It also includes a radio advertisement with speech morphing done by The Tape Gallery in London, electronic instrument sound designs by Yasushi Yoshida (Osaka-based freelance sound designer), cross-synthesis sound effects by Hollywood sound designer Francois Blaignan, and an excerpt illustrating the alternative tunings used in a new album from LA-based compose/animator Marcus Hobbs.

Except where explicitly noted, everything in the demo was produced, recorded and assembled in Kyma, without the use of any external mixers, hard disk recorders, editing systems, synthesizers, samplers, or effects units.

Those who might find this new CD to be of interest include sound designers (for music, post-production, film, video, computer games, and other immersive environments) who are curious to hear examples of the kinds of sounds that can be designed using Kyma 4.5 or others who have heard earlier versions of Kyma and would like to hear how things have evolved since then.

To request a free copy of the CD, contact:

Symbolic Sound Corporation
Toll free: 1-800-972-1749 (from inside the US)
Voice: +1-217-355-6273 (from everywhere else)
Fax: +1-217-355-6562

Kyma Background

Kyma is an award-winning, modular, software-based sound design environment accelerated by DSP hardware. Sound designers use a graphical signal flow editor on the screen of either a Macintosh or PC to specify how to synthesize and process sound. The signal flow diagram is turned into a program for the multiple-DSP Capybara hardware (which connects to the host computer via PCI, NuBus, ISA, or, for laptops, a PC card).

In addition to its open-endedness and flexibility, Kyma provides sound designers with several unusual synthesis and processing possibilities including spectral morphing, granular synthesis, vocoding, cross-synthesis, analog-style synthesis and sequencing and a graphic spectrum editor where you can redraw components of the spectrum and hear the results in real time. Kyma version 4.5 was unveiled in September 1997 at the Audio Engineering Society conference and trade show in New York.

Symbolic Sound

The Symbolic Sound Corporation designs, produces, and markets hardware and software for digital audio. The first Kyma system was delivered in January 1991, and since that time, there have been five major software upgrades, two hardware upgrades and ports from the original 680xx Macintosh platform to Windows machines and PowerMacs. The sixth major software upgrade, Kyma version 4.5, began shipping in August 1997.