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CapyTalk is a realtime parameter-manipulation language that you can use in the parameter fields of Kyma Sounds.

Kyma X Revealed! includes an entire chapter on CapyTalk (page 225). To optimize your understanding, preface this by reading the short chapter on Smalltalk starting on page 215.

Once you know the syntax of CapyTalk, you can refer to the CapyTalk Quick Reference on page 369 for a list of all the things you can do in CapyTalk.

For a library of useful CapyTalk expressionsn that you can drag and drop into parameter fields, use the Sound Browser to find the Expressions Library folder inside the Kyma folder. You'll find expressions for random number generation, triggers, logic, arrays, etc. Click the triangle next to a category to reveal all the expressions in that category. To use an expression in a parameter field, drag the expression from the Sound Browser and drop it into the desired parameter field.

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