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Kyma X Revealed!

The best way to familiarize yourself with Kyma and all of its possibilities...


Kyma X Revealed! guides you through every aspect of the powerful Kyma X sound design language. Bursting with step-by-step tutorials, tips, shortcuts, and sound design techniques, the book is written in an entertaining style that makes it fun and informative for the novice and power user alike.

Even if you are new to Kyma, youíll quickly learn how to process your own voice, morph, cross-synthesize, and granulate sound within the first section. Kyma veterans will be happy to find a wealth of new material documenting recent additions in the latest release. Advanced users will be excited to discover extensive new chapters on programming and scripting in Kyma.

By reading this book:

Reading Kyma X Revealed! is like attending one of the Kyma Immersion Weekends (but better, since it covers far more material than is possible to cover in the two day immersions). The unpretentious, humorous style conveys the authorís genuine enthusiasm and love for the topics of sound design, audio signal processing, and computer music.

Youíll discover the depth, the imaginativeness and the sense of fun that convinced Electronic Musician magazine to dub Kyma "the most powerful sound design workstation on the planet"!